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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year.

To my 4.78 Readers, Happy New Year.

Resolutions (in re This Blog) for the New Year:

1) Post more often. Conversely, post "I'm busy!" rather than leave long, unannounced, hiatuses.

2) Some sort of "File under" tag line for posts (not including this one). No idea how I'd implement it in Blogger, but if it can be done, all the better. that way, if it's a rant, it'll say so. If it's a work-related rant, it'll clue in JohnL and Robbo to read it.

3) Keep my damn blogroll up to date.

4) Link more often. Yes, The great linkage debate: if a tree fell on me in the middle of the woods, and I had no links to it, would anyone know, much less hear it?

4a) Not realy a resolution, but figure out why my trackback pings (via Haloscan) don't work with the Maximum Leader's domain?

5) Finish pithy posts. Both already posted, and trapped in the purgatory of the "Drafts" area. (5a: Spell Check. I caught this one pre-posting)

That's all I can think of for now.