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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

Yep, it's time I updated this thing. Thus, on the 32nd anniversary of things, I'll do so.

What happened to November? Everything was going along fine until... Well, life is a comedy, or at least sometimes a comedy of errors. More or less, this was November. First, I fiannly decided to do something I'd put off far too long: extract a broken wisdom tooth. I went to an excellent oral surgeon, who had the thing out in short work, not too much pain. Except - I spent more time at the dentist's trying to recover from the nitrous oxide and novicane than it took to have the bloody tooth out in the first place. I'm glad the drive from the dentist to home was a straight shot, because I was not up to lane changes. Vicodin was good, though I managed to wean myself to Tylenol after about 36 hours (This from someone who takes one-quarter doses of Nyquil to sleep only 8 hours.). However, I had a week's worth of antibiotics to take. Which lasted exactly six days - until I broke out in an allergic reaction. So, stop the antibiotic, start the Benedryl. Thankfully, I didn't need more than a few days of Benedryl to get the antibiotics out of my system (I took an early Thanksgiving trip, itching through the whole thing would not have been good, by a long shot.)

That puts me to Thanksgiving: cramming a week's worth of work in two days, since nothing really "went to plan". Which was fine, in the Grand Scheme of Things, except for the few cases where the Clients think they are The Only Client I have, and can't make up their minds whether they want stuff Now, Tomorrow, or Three Days Ago. No matter which one they want, if it's in another firm's hands, or with the Clerk of the Court, it doesn't matter when they want it, since I don't have any control over that. Now, if any of these were paying for the priviledge of being The Only Client, I wouldn't mind. But, they aren't, so, they aren't.