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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A post, but not the post I was looking for.

Year In Review. Somewhat.

I meant to have a post on another subject, but that will be at some undetermined, but relatively short time from now. Subjectively. No Warranties, express or implied. You get the picture.

The year is almost over; No shit - really. Yesterday was spent entirely on (1) writing an appeal that I really did not want to write, despite ethical obligations to do so. That, and the VSB is really really finicky about these things getting in on time (by personal experience - not the "this happened to me" personal experience, but the "I can't talk about it for reasons of Confidentiality" personal experience.) and, well, I've grown attached to my clean record and law license. So, with three days to spare on the clock, Rule 5A.12 was complied with in full, and the SOB was sent off. That consumed more time than I really wanted it to. Then again, writing about it now consumed more time than I want to spend on it actually doing it. Meh.

The next thing is Cards. You know, the things people stick in the windows to say "See? Someone sent me a card!" card. Some even had business cards stuck in with them them. Because you can never have too much advertising under the restictions Rule 7.2 has. (I knew the Va.S.Ct rule without looking it up. The Professional Guideline rule, I looked up. For the numbers, not for the content.) That took more time than the abomination, er, appeal took. And more money; I burned through too much postage on the stamping-machine to send the bloody things. And, if you're gonna look in your mailbox and say "I didn't get a card, business or otherwise" well, it usually helps to have mailing addresses. There's still time left (Hannukah doesn't end until January 2, so it's still the "Holiday Season."

I have at least three cases lining up for first of year filings (Ain't the new year fun. It's the race to see if you can get file number 06-1. I started 2005 with file number GV05-1 around here; I probably can do it again. Though, one court's going to be harder to file in than others - a bit further away.) and trying to wrap up a few that I really don't want to have to deal with after the calendar change. A few I will. Some, thankfully, I won't.

One of the biggest things I've learned this year is that people with multiple lawyers in series are bad news. It's not good news news when they tell you about them, it's bad news when you find out after the inks dry on the retainer, but it's worse when you find out a month later that there's been not one prior, but multiple priors. One, especially one from prior domicile jurisidiction, might be livable, but more than one isn't just a red flag, there's also sirens and loud bullhorns. Thankfully, not much skin was lost in learning this lesson, and the intake form got a few more questions on it.

I also met someone who dealt with a Nigerian scam. Yes. Yes. No. Odd. Yes. That's all I can say.

Thankfully, those are few and far between. One of the other things I hope are few and far between are the passing of people I know and respect. One such person passed this year, who, for the short time I knew him, he was an excellent and patient mentor. He is missed by his family, friends, and acquaintances, and I hope the lessons he taught me I will be able to pass on to some other unsuspecting young attorney.