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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Blogger Interviews

I've been commenting on Blogs a lot longer than I've had my own. So, when the opportunity to give a Blog interview came via TexasBestGrok, I jumped at it. Then I realized there might not be enough here to give enough questions, but here they are:

-Post Under Construction-
(I thought it best to put something up, then tweak as needed, than leave a long gap between question and answer)

1. How did you come up with your nickname (Lysander)?
I'm a bit of a history buff; in my reading I'd run into Lysander of Sparta. There's a bit of interesting history there, not entirely choices I would have made in a similar situation, but, I could see where he was going - he wanted to be one of the two Kings of Sparta, and wasn't going to let problems of his birth stand in his way.

I liked the name, so it somehow became a standard fallback when tossing 3d6 and not having a name ready.

2. Based on your blog name and one of your early posts, you would appear to reside in or around Alexandria, Virginia. What's your favorite place to grab a dinner and drink in Old Town? What's the signature dinner/drink there?
What day of the week is it? (E.g. today's lunch is probably Thai Curry with Chicken from Old Town Thai. Good stuff, and yes, not exactly Kosher l'Pesach, but there's rice, and today I'm claiming to be Sephardi, rather than the usual Ashkenazi. Nu?)

3. Why did you decide to start blogging? Who (if anyone) inspired you to start blogging? Which blogs do you read on a daily (or at least regular) basis?
Inspiration? Allah. Seriously - Allahpundit was the first stop of the day. Now, I'm no Allah - no photoshop skills, for one - but I had (then) time to kill, and thought I might be able to at least rant a bit. Then The Munificent Creator of Photoshops packed up for a long holiday, a sad day in the Blogosphere.

In about October '04 I decided it was something I really could do. But, given the time, new blogs were coming out of the woodwork faster than Dan could produce forgeries - and I decided to hold off. I wasn't trying to create an election blog, though I missed out on joining BlogsforBush.

Who do I read? In what started as an order, then became a laundry list: LGF, INDC Journal, Shape of Days, Llamabutchers, Wizbang, TexasBestGrok, Little Miss Attila, Pillage Idiot, BeldarBlog, Legal XXX, (there's more here, so check back)

4. What single rule change would you make, if you could, to make NFL football more exciting?
For watching the games live - axe some of the time outs. They work for TV (and yes, there's the whole "TV time-out" thing going.) But when you're actually at the game, it's bloody annoying to know that if the actual clock is getting close to a ten-minute mark, or the end of a half-hour, there's *going* to be a break. They're going to stop play. If they players really need the break the TV time-outs give, give each team more regular time-outs, and play through. If something spectacular happens while you're watching a commercial, that's what the highlight reels are for, or try to watch a game live.

5. Ardala or Deering? Ginger or Marianne? Eowyn or Arwen?

OK, OK, Making a choice. ... yes? OH - seriously make one? Deering, Marianne, Arwen.

6. Do you have a hobby that is really important to you? Please tell us about it - how you got into it, how long you've been practicing it, what makes it important, etc.
Gonna have to wait on this, work to do